June 24, 2016

DigitalTown acquires large cluster of .CITY domains

Smart cities to have their own platform through the new .CITY domain extension.

DigitalTown announced earlier today that it has acquired more than 11,000 .CITY domains to use as part of its new generation of extensions approved by ICANN. DigitalTown says that the .CITY domain extension (which is managed by Donuts) is the ideal platform for information relevant to individual cities.

Rob Monster, CEO of DigitalTown claims that the highly intuitive .CITY web navigation standard will allow residents and visitors of any city to easily get the latest information, either through web or mobile devices.

DigitalTown helps empower cities to become Smart Cities by empowering existing technology to help cities lower costs, gain efficiencies and improve civic engagement, resulting in thriving local economies, enhanced community interaction, and real-time access to the growing number of Smart City services that are being introduced in local communities around the world.

Chris Maxwell, CTO of DigitalTown commented:

By 2020, there will be at least fifty billion things connected to the Internet. These ‘things’ are sensors, meters, cameras, lights, gauges, and other hardware that will produce and transmit data to create an ‘Internet of Things’.

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