January 31, 2018

Deloitte acquires cloud migration company ATADATA

The acquisition aims to extend Deloitte’s services from strategy phase to build and operate phase by leveraging ATADATA’s ATAsphere platform.

Consulting and audit giant Deloitte announced that its digital arm, Deloitte Digital, has acquired cloud migration facilitator ATADATA. With this acquisition, Deloitte claims that they will be able to provide end-to-end consulting services, right from the strategy phase to the build and operate phase, via ATADATA’s cloud migration platform ATAsphere.

Deloitte say that ATAsphere allows data-intensive workloads to be migrated for hybrid IT as well as cloud environments. They further added that with this kind of mobility provided by the platform, Deloitte will be able to extend their services to various business segments and optimize costs via ATAsphere’s ATAvision modules. Explaining this, Larry Calabro, Principal and Cloud Practice Leader at Deloitte commented:

We will use the tool extensively in the strategy phase to perform cloud application suitability analysis, feeding data into business cases and helping clients prioritise migration roadmaps.

According to Deloitte, the application mapping, mirroring and migrating features of ATAsphere are compatible with more than 20 different cloud infrastructures used by enterprises globally. They further added that this possibility provided by the platform will allow them to hold global ambitions, given the trend of migration to cloud infrastructure across various industries.

Pleased with the acquisition deal, Charles Wright, CEO and CTO of ATADATA, explained:

Deloitte has demonstrated exceptional success in driving innovation using cloud, digital, and cognitive technologies for a wide range of enterprise clients. We are excited to amplify that success by enabling simple, scalable data and application stacks for on-premise, private and public clouds.

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