December 21, 2017

CyrusOne opens 44-acre data center in Atlanta

The USD 200 million data center facility aims to unlock employment opportunities in the region and provide service to the expanding customer base.

American data center solution provider CyrusOne has opened a new data center in the Douglasville region of Atlanta, Georgia to service their expanding customer base of cloud providers. They also estimate that the 44-acre (440,00 square-feet) data-center facility which bills to USD 200M expects a return of USD 600M in a seven-year tenure.

CyrusOne revealed that the choice of Atlanta as a location was facilitated by two reasons- one being their expanding customer-base in Atlanta one and the second being the rapid growth of technology, finance and education industries in the region. Conveying this thought in detail, Tesh Durvasula, Chief Commercial Officer at CyrusOne said:

Leadership in technology, financial services, manufacturing, education, and connectivity make Atlanta an especially attractive market for our cloud and enterprise customers. Atlanta’s diverse economy moves fast and CyrusOne operates in the same manner. Our new Douglasville site is an ideal location for companies fueling Atlanta’s growth to leverage CyrusOne’s state-of-the-art data center solution in this dynamic region.

According to CyrusOne, this move also paves way for employment at this new data center in Douglasville, Atlanta. Welcoming this decision, Rochelle Robinson, Mayor of Douglasville commented:

It is our pleasure to welcome CyrusOne and the global technology leaders they serve to Douglasville.In addition to helping to fuel continued technology and business growth in Douglasville, CyrusOne has a reputation for being an active member of the communities they serve. The company builds energy-efficient data centers and their environmentally-friendly waterless cooling technology does not create a burden on our area’s water resources and sewer system. CyrusOne had numerous options to choose from and we are pleased that they have selected Douglasville.

CyrusOne’s data center in Atlanta will have access to multiple cloud providers that will be linked to CyrusOne’s internet exchange. This internet exchange is responsible for delivering interconnectivity via CyrusOne’s data center to other locations across the country.

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