December 4, 2017

Connectria launch TRIA at AWS re:Invent

Multi-cloud management solution is said to demystify complex cloud for staff and customers.

Global cloud service provider Connectria have launched ‘TRIA’, the only multi-cloud management solution that they say will make it easy to manage AWS, Azure, VMware, Unix and IBM iSeries cloud environments from a single dashboard. This launch, according to Connectria, is a firm reply to those who think Performance, Security and Cost Optimization are big challenges while running cloud applications.

Connectria say that the multi-cloud platform is a one stop solution for complex cloud environments. They explained this by illustrating how the multi-cloud platform gathers data from many cloud resources, identifies changes, creates events and alerts Connectria’s 24/7 Command Center for intervention. This, they say, has enabled them to develop best practices for DevOps when it comes to managing security and performance.

Pleased with their offering, Rich Waidman, President and CEO of Connectria said:

Our customers want flexibility in running their systems in the cloud, but with flexibility can come complexity. The TRIA Multi-Cloud platform allows Connectria’s expert staff and our customers to manage complex cloud environments through a single interface to optimize each cloud environment.

Connectria’s resolve to ensure high performance and security to their clients looks firm. It will be interesting to watch how they capitalize on this launch from here on.

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