January 31, 2018

Cleareon expands data center presence in New York

The expansion aims to provide co-location services to telecommunication clients in a bid to improve wireless communication.

Edge computing and network service provider Cleareon has announced the acquisition of more than 20,000 sq.feet data center space in New York, USA. With this expansion, Cleareon claim that they will provide co-location services to telecommunication clients in order to simplify wireless systems and network communication.

According to Cleareon, the connection between cell tower radio and mobile network control needs a complete overhaul to facilitate seamless network communication. They further added that with this overhaul, they will also be able to build stronger business ties with carriers and wireless service providers.

Cleareon say that this data center expansion supplements their dark fiber offerings and fortifies their positioning as an intelligent edge computing service provider in the market. Explaining this in detail, Cliff Kane, Co-CEO at Cleareon commented:

As with our 2017 acquisition, these assets complement Cleareon’s existing dark fiber and lit services portfolio by strengthening our position at the ‘intelligent edge’ of networking technology and service deployment.

He further stated that this expansion is opportune for the 5G technology that will be rolled out in New York very soon. Emphasizing this, Kane added:

We aren’t simply offering dark fiber or lit services or even data center services. We’re offering premium access solutions while readying NYC for 5G, Cloud, IoT and other promising wireless-enabled applications -right now.

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