June 30, 2016

ClearDB partners with Datavail to provide expanded database services

ClearDB to combine its database as a service (DBaaS) with Datavail’s database administration (DBA) services to provide solution for small, medium, and large enterprise customers

This week, ClearDB, a cloud database technology enterprise announced that it has partnered with Datavail, a provider of remote database administration (DBA) services to provide 24/7 expanded database services to ClearDB’s clients around the world. The partnership enables ClearDB to combine its database as a service (DBaaS) and cloud capabilities with Datavail’s remote monitoring, customer support and database administration (DBA) services.

The availability of DBAs has not been at par with its growing demand as data growth continues to accelerate sharply. As a result, the demand for database as a service (DBaaS) and remote database administration services has seen a spike in recent years. The joint ClearDB and Datavail offerings are said to deliver highly available, highly efficient database services. As part of the partnership, Datavail will provide a comprehensive set of database administration services providing customers simple access to a fully managed cloud database.

Allen Holmes, ClearDB VP of marketing and platform alliances said:

ClearDB’s vision is to deliver a nonstop, secure, integrated data services platform that leverages our proven cloud technologies and the experiences that we’ve gained providing services to more than 200,000 users. Our partnership with Datavail allows us to take our offering one step further.

ClearDB’s nonstop data services platform has been designed to work on major public clouds and to support private cloud and on-premises operations. It automates the provisioning and management process with a framework that accelerates performance and guarantees high availability in any cloud marketplace.

Scott Frock, COO at Datavail said:

Datavail is pleased to work with ClearDB to offer customers the robustness of a highly available, 24×7 managed database from the convenience of the cloud. With our end-to-end offering, customers can focus on their applications, confident their data is protected and always available to the business.

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