December 1, 2016

Capital One chooses AWS for cloud infrastructure

The financial firm says that it is taking a cloud-first approach to development with this move

This week, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that Capital One Financial Corporation has selected AWS as its predominant cloud infrastructure provider. Capital One says that it will continue to migrate many core business and customer applications to AWS in the next five years.

Capital One also mentioned that the move is a part of its commitment to deliver great digital experiences to its customers.

Rob Alexander, CIO, Capital One said :

Technology is going to play a central role in the future of banking as we move toward an experience that is real-time, digital-first, and that anticipates customer needs.

Capital One said that AWS Cloud enables fast, efficient development and deployment of software, which will allow them to focus on building great software and delivering innovative experiences to their customers.

Mike Clayville, Vice President, Worldwide Sales at AWS said :

Cloud has become the new normal even for the most highly regulated, data-sensitive organizations like those in the financial services industry.

As a leading financial services institution, Capital One is embracing cutting-edge technology, like the AWS Cloud, to innovate in an industry that has great potential to benefit from technology transformation.

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