November 2, 2016

.BUZZ up for auction with a minimum bid of $3.5 million

DotStrategy plans to exit the domain business through an auction

Today, .BUZZ Registry DotStrategy announced the upcoming sale of 100% of the company’s shares in a closed-sealed auction.

The company is putting .BUZZ up for auction and the minimum reserve bid for the domain extension is fixed at $3,500,000.

According to reports, .BUZZ currently has 9,300 registrations and its wholesale price is $25 per year, although registrars have offered prices lower than this on initial registrations.

Reports say that there could be some benefits for the buyer of .BUZZ as there are 47,000 reserved domain names that could be released through the registrar channel.

Initially, Bill Doshier, the operator of the Registry had decided to hold back 975 names to keep them out of the namespace. He now says that the buyer of .BUZZ can release these to the market after acquiring the extension.

The Registry announced that the closed, sealed auction is scheduled for December 8, 2016.

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