July 18, 2016

Box moves phone services and web conferencing to the cloud

The cloud software maker is now hosting communications capabilities, including phone services and web meetings, in the cloud.

Over the last several months, Box, the cloud storage provider, has been replacing a its PBX phone systems, audio phone conferencing and web conferencing apps with a cloud-based alternative from RingCentral, says Paul Chapman, CIO at Box.

According to Chapman, implementing RingCentral cloud services will help them shave $800,000 to $900,000 off of their operational costs, while also eliminating several disparate solutions and thus driving efficiencies for a company that has staked itself to a “cloud first” strategy.

“For a company of our size, [the cost savings is] meaningful”

At Box, RingCentral enables 1,400 employees to initiate and receive calls and conduct web meetings from any Mac and Windows PC, desk phone or smartphone. Such inter-operability between services and platforms allows Box to continually update its technology to ensure that the company’s IT profile remains current.

Box, which both partners and competes with Microsoft and Google in the cloud storage market, has a stated goal to become a $1 billion business and IT will play a large role in this. Chapman says IT is enabling this by investing in the SaaS platforms that can help automate and orchestrate business processes.

Another key to Box’ growth is cultivating its wealth of data. Chapman says he is building a new data management architecture to support real-time analytics and insights, a key ingredient for identifying new customer leads and improving operational efficiencies.

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