December 18, 2017

Baidu cloud to deploy AMD’s Epyc processors

The Chinese search engine giants seek to optimize and deliver fast computing services using the AMD’s Epyc processors.

Chinese search engine mogul Baidu has announced a partnership with AMD to deploy AMD’s Epyc processors for Baidu cloud’s AI, big data and cloud computing services. With this partnership, Baidu says that they will be using single-socket Epyc-based servers in order to ensure storage of a large amount of data and deliver computing services at a quick pace.

According to Baidu, AMD’s Epyc processors will unleash the pace of cloud computing services for their customers. Explaining the efficiency and capability of AMD’s Epyc processors, Liu Chao, Senior Director of Baidu System Technologies Department, said:

By offering outstanding performance in single-processor systems, the AMD Epyc platform provides flexibility and high-performance in our data center, which allows Baidu to deliver more efficient services to our customers.

Echoing Chao’s statement, AMD says that the Epyc processors allow optimization and rightsizing of the servers. They further added that the processors drive power consumption 20% lower than the usual levels. Thrilled with this partnership, Scott Aylor, Corporate VP, and GM at AMD Enterprise Solutions commented:

Baidu is a long-recognized pioneer in data center innovations, and with their adoption of AMD Epyc they continue down that path by leveraging our single-socket innovations to power their ABC strategy.

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