February 7, 2018

AWS to undergo data center expansion in Washington, U.S.A

The expansion plan seeks to build a state-of-the-art data center in Washington’s Loudoun County in a bid to expand its global footprint.

Cloud mogul AWS have announced that they are planning to build another data center in the United States. AWS say that the new data center at Loudoun will be built at a 44-acre site near Washington DC. They further added that this data center, furnished with the latest technology, will span a total area of 600,000 sq.feet.

According to AWS, Loudoun County is a known for mineral resources and heavy-machinery organizations. They further added that since it is a stone and quarry driven location, taking permissions from Loudoun County’s Board of Supervisors was necessary.They also claim that the decision to green signal the project is currently underway with minor formalities being worked out.

AWS claim that the second data center in Loudoun County will allow them to cater to more clients in the northern region of Washington, where they already have one data center. They further added that are evaluating Northern Virginia as the location of its second data center, headquartered in the U.S which will span almost 800,000 sq.feet of an area.

AWS say that they have selected Oppidan Investment Co., a third-party developer to seal the permission for rezoning the land for the data center.

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