November 28, 2017

AWS launches five new Elemental cloud tools for video publishers

Video tools aim to help video publishers by putting inflexible and expensive equipment to rest.

Cloud giants AWS have released five new video tools built by AWS Elemental for video publishing. According to AWS, these tools are built to make the cloud computing engine easy for video distribution. They further add that these five cloud services will let customers build end-to-end workflows for both live and on-demand video with professional features and image quality.

According to Amazon, consumers expect great video experiences to be delivered to any device without security hassles. In order to meet these high expectations, AWS say that they seek to empower video providers with video tools compatible with all devices which will be economical and scalable at the same time.

The five video tools release by AWS Elemental are:

1. AWS MediaConvert for video-on-demand format & compression
2. MediaLive to encode broadcast-grade live video for televisions or connected devices
3. MediaPackage to prepare and protect live video streams for delivery to Internet devices
4. MediaStore for delivering video for high-performance & storage optimized for media
5. MediaTailor Insert for targeted advertising for the video to increase viewer engagement and boosting revenues.

Reflecting on the release of these video tools, Alex Dunlap, General Manager AWS Elemental commented:

Companies spent a great deal of time, money, and focus operating infrastructure with resources that could have been better spent creating great content and viewer experiences. We built AWS Elemental Media Services to let customers focus on delivering top-quality video reliably to any device, everywhere, without the undifferentiated heavy lifting of managing infrastructure. This not only helps traditional video providers innovate faster, but it also opens up new opportunities for startups, government agencies, schools, and multinational enterprises that, before today, had limited access to premium-quality video technology.

According to AWS, the release of these video tools will enable customers to build customized video applications and pay only for the technology resources they use, without upfront capital investment.

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