December 1, 2017

AWS launches browser based IDE ‘AWS Cloud9’

The launch is aimed at enabling collaborative editing for developers with seamless integration into the AWS ecosystem.

AWS has launched AWS Cloud9, a browser based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) at its re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. The IDE is supposed to be a collaborative tool for developers with a built-in support for languages like Javascript, Python, PHP and others.

AWS say that Cloud9 consists of three main components: The Ace Editor with a variety of IDE features for quick coding, collaboration tools, and AWS integrations including Lambda functions for server-less development. The keynote address given by AWS CTO Werner Vogel at re:Invent pointed out the importance of security with respect to the changing face of software development.

Explaining the reason for the launch, Vogel said:

If you develop in this sort of fast-changing development environment, you need help.

According to sources, direct integration with AWS is touted to be the selling point of this IDE. In addition to this, AWS claim that the tool will have no lag time while typing for more than 100,000 line files. They further explained that the tool will also include more than two dozen in-built themes and a Vim mode with pre-installed debugging tools.

Cloud9 was acquired by AWS last year to add more development tools to its web services stack. It’s based on the Ace Editor and the work Cloud9 did on its IDE.


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