November 29, 2017

AWS launches bare metal instances

Offering to be provided to their own customers after successfully supporting VMware cloud.

AWS have launched bare metal instances, a public cloud service which providers users with direct access to all the resources of the hardware without any overheads. For now, these bare metal servers have been launched as part of their i3 instance family. Sources say that it will give AWS users more control over their cloud servers because of the flexibility it provides.

Explaining the need for bare metal instances, Peter DeSantis, VP of Global Infrastructure at AWS said:

Now non-virtualised workloads, workloads that need a specific hypervisor or access to specific hardware features, and workloads with restrictive, hostile licensing can take full advantage of the benefits of the AWS cloud. Once these workloads are in AWS, they can take full advantage of other AWS services, including virtual private cloud.

With this launch Amazon claims that bare metal instances will be able to make use of all of AWS’ EC2 services and they further plan to introduce to more such iC3 instance families with time.

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