November 27, 2018

AWS introduces four IoT services to build applications, serve edge data

With this ability, AWS aims to provide developers with features like location-based services, data processing, repair and maintenance without writing code.

iot services

Cloud giant AWS have unveiled four IoT services to help developers build applications and ingest data from edge devices. With this launch, AWS have introduced IoT SiteWise to collect data and produce insights, IoT Events to detect and respond to events from IoT sensors, IoT Things Graph to build applications by representing devices and IoT Greengrass Connectors to help web and mobile developers create powerful applications.

According to AWS, enterprises are looking to use their device data to drive faster and well-informed business decisions, but most of this data cannot be easily acquired, processed or monitored. They say that drawing this data from many sensors across different locations can be time-consuming as well as expensive.

By unveiling IoT services catering to the needs of IoT applications, AWS claim that they will provide developers with location-based, replenishment, data processing, logistics and repair and maintenance services without having them to write code. They further added that this will allow developers to spend less time managing different devices to work together in tandem.

Dirk Didascalou, Vice President of IoT, AWS believes that they are empowering customers with cost-effective tools that can handle the complexity of building applications at the edge with rich data sources that drive better decisions. They say that this will inevitably allow AWS to focus on the core business instead of writing hours and hours of code.

AWS say that these IoT services will connect devices and sensors to create a single view of an environment such as a cloud-native organization or a factory or a retail shop etc. where IoT applications are integrated. They also say that this integration was earlier hard to execute but with these services, enterprises will have a unique experience altogether.

It will be interesting to see how customers make the most of AWS’ four IoT services, following Alibaba’s IoT alliance with Libelium to accelerate adoption of IoT sensors.