January 31, 2018

AWS acquires threat detection company Sqrrl

The acquisition seeks to make public cloud migration safer for AWS’ customers by leveraging Sqrrl’s threat hunting platform.

Cloud giant AWS have acquired threat hunting firm Sqrrl in order to make the migration to public cloud a safer experience for their customers. With this acquisition, AWS will strengthen its security portfolio by leveraging Sqrrl’s link analysis, user behavior technologies and machine learning tools.

Sqrrl say that with this acquisition, they will continue to do business with their existing customers with the expertise of AWS’ team. Delighted with the acquisition, Mark Terenzoni, CEO of Sqrrl, explained:

We’re thrilled to share that Sqrrl has been acquired by Amazon. We will continue to work with customers to provide advanced threat hunting capabilities. And, over time, we’ll work with AWS to do even more on your behalf.

Industry analysts opine that Sqrrl’s diverse security data sets which include DNS logs, proxy data, user directory and customer transactions allow them to pinpoint suspicious behaviors and identify corrective actions for clients. They further added that these data sets, which are integrated into the threat hunting platform, will allow AWS to boost their current security solutions.

The announcement of this acquisition has followed AWS’ GuardDuty, a managed threat detection service, launched in November. With this acquisition, industry analysts predict, AWS will also be able to augment GuardDuty’s continuous scanning and monitoring capabilities.

The financial details of this acquisition are undisclosed at the moment but experts believe that the figure could rake up to USD 40M.

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