January 9, 2017

Atlassian acquires project management software Trello

The acquisition will close before March 31, 2017 at $425 million

Earlier today, Atlassian, an enterprise software company announced that it has acquired Trello, the web-based project management application for $425 million. Out of the total amount, the company said that $360 million will be paid in cash and the remainder will be paid out in restricted shares and options.

Trello launched five years ago at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco. At the time, Trello says that the way people work was starting to shift.

In a blog post, Trello said :

We’re excited about partnering with Atlassian because we both share a philosophy of empowering teams everywhere to work in their own style.

We envision a world where hundreds of millions of people collaborate in teams however they like, with their imaginations being the only constraint for what they can accomplish.

As part of Atlassian, Trello said that it will now leverage investments in R&D that will enhance the product in meaningful ways. The team will be able to focus on improving the core experience for all users.

In a blog post, Atlassian said:

Trello’s pioneering use of an intuitive visual system has been embraced by all kinds of teams to do everything from managing marketing campaigns to tracking action items from team meetings.

Organizations in nearly every country and as varied as the Red Cross and Google have adopted Trello to get work done.

Atlassian mentioned that it will offer Trello as a standalone service to its current users. The company will be working with Trello’s product team to help them accelerate development efforts.

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